The Green Mill concept is an integration of various state of the art proven technologies to provide palm oil millers a zero waste solution with the highest return of investment in the shortest period.

The Green Mill utilises ALL WASTE from the palm oil mill to generate value, including thermal and electric power for the plant usage (offsetting the use of fossil fuels such as diesel) with surplus energy optionally exported to the grid and converts solid biomass into valuable commercial products … A TRUE WASTE-TO-MONEY and WASTE-TO-ENERGY SOLUTION.

The Green Mill converts all the wastes into commercial products providing the mill with tangible additional income.

Components in the Green Mill includes :-
Dry long fibre plant for conversion of EFB biomass waste to dry long fibres
Biogas Capture and Power Plant using anaerobic digesters and biogas engine generators
Biofuel pellet and/or briquette plant for production of biofuel pellets and/or briquettes from residue biomass waste such as EFB short fibres, mesocarp fibres or palm kernel shell.

GREEN MILL’s benefits :-
Total Solution to environmental challenges (biomass waste such as EFB and POME waste water discharges)
Attractive uses of waste biomass, eliminates burdens of disposal
Guaranteed sources of additional revenues through off-take of dry long fibres (DLF) and biofuel pellets
Production of thermal and electric power (for Fibre & Pellet Plants, Main Boiler Fuel, Grid Power)
Reduce the uncontrolled discharge of methane gas with high global warming potential
Additional revenue from sale of electricity from biogas plant under the FiT Programme